Primary Market Services

SEML provides assistance to corporate clients seeking to raise funds through our services (Issue Management, Capital Raising & Private Placement, Corporate Advisory and Register to the Issue). Our Primary Market Services department has successfully completed a number of landmark transactions for reputed companies form diversified sectors.

Issue Management Services
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Right Offering
  • Private Placement
  • Direct listing
  • Repeat Public Offering (RPO)
  • Capital Raising for Private & Public Ltd Companies
  • Qualified Investor offer by Small Companies

Our Exposures:

Capital Rising from IPO:

01. Dominage Steel Building Systems Limited

02. ACME Pesticides Limited

03. Asiatic Laboratories Limited

Corporate Advisory Services
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Feasibility of IPO
  • Post Issue Services
  • Company Valuation
  • Corporate Governance Structuring
Register to the Issue Services
  • Process applications from investors
  • Keeping record of application sand money received from investors
  • Assisting in determining the basis of allotment of securities
  • Finalizing the list of allotment processing and distributing allotments, refunds or certificates
Underwriting Services

SEML is successfully performing underwriting function and playing a vital role of increasing the supply of stocks and debentures in the capital market. Underwriting function allows SEML to undertake and subscribe the un-subscribed portion of shares and debentures offered through public and right issues. This commitment encourages the investor to create confidence on the issuers to offer shares/ debentures and help the issuer to raise long term fund from the public or institutes in order to implement and expand their industrial undertakings.