Board of Directors

Team of diverse and talented leaders.



    Mahfuza Younus the chairperson of Shahjalal Equity Management Limited who became a successful business person in a short time of her business career with her sincerity, honesty and conceptual problem-solving ability. Her interpersonal skills, leadership behavior, high analytical ability and hardworking nature made her worth as a business leader. She has wide experience in the plastic industry, cold storage, paper mills, spinning mills & agro-based industries since 1993. She has traveled Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UK etc. She has engaged in various social activities like school, college, madrasa. Mrs Younus has lot of interest in Bangladesh capital market & also have light experience in capital market, capital related organization, as successful entrepreneur.



    Md. Shahadat Hossain the Director of Shahjalal Equity Management Limited. After completing his BBA, he involved himself in the business, he is also the shareholder of Abode Bangladesh Limited and Paul & Paul Consultants Limited. Mr. Hossain is vastly experienced in capital market, capital market related consulting, accounting, auditing and legal matters.



    Ahmed Tawfiqur Rahman Arnab, Director of Shahjalal Equity Management Limited. Mr. Arnab completed his graduation in economics & econometrics from University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. He has strong command in speaking English and Bengali. He has travelled USA, UK, Switzerland, china, Korea, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and many more countries. He is also director of Arnab Trading Ltd & NRB Telecom Ltd. He is vastly experienced in capital market.



    Mr. Mohammed Younus is a Chief Advisor of Shahjalal Equity management Limited, also one of the sponsors and Chairman of the Risk Management Committee of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. He is also the Chairman of Shahjalal Islami Bank Securities Limited. He started business after completion of his education. Mr. Younus has long and creditable business experience for about three decades. He is the Managing Director of Younus Group which is a well-known and fast growing conglomerate in the industrial arena of Bangladesh. The group has been operating at present with 30 business units. He is also engaged in an online newspaper He is a sponsor of Express Insurance Limited. In addition to his success in trade and business, Mr. Younus is immensely reputed for his contribution to the field of education. He is a member of the board of Trustee of Fareast International University and Word Bridge School. He is the Managing Director of Galaxy Flying Academy Limited. He is a man of pleasant personality and amiable disposition. He has also traveled different parts of the world in connection with business.